Cmz in Primamec

Roberto Soatti, Primamec plant manager, describes the new CMZ TTL 66-66 as follows:

“This is the first CMZ lathe to join the Primamec ‘Stable’. We decided, together with CEO Alessandro Lupi, to acquire this new lathe because of its performance and durability.

The brand new TTL 66-66 is equipped with control via Fanuc CNC with a 15” touch screen monitor, which provides the operator with guidance throughout the machining process, simplifying the use of programming.

In addition, through the acquisition of a new XFILES-S Top bar feeder with low single-deck magazine and the connection of the lathe to the ERP system, the new CMZ TTL 66-66 has all the technology needed to perform mechanical machining in an Industry 4.0 perspective.

Delivered at the end of December 2020, training for the optimal use of the lathe by CMZ technicians has been crucial for the Primamec CNC team. Today, thanks to the time invested in learning the versatility and varied functions of the TTL 66-66, Primamec operators are able to take full advantage of this machine’s potential for the production of even highly complex parts for the hydraulic and automotive sectors.”


Types of machining

The CMZ TTL 66-66 is an addition to Primamec’s machine park, providing its customers with a further increase in the speed of precision component turning and an increase in the quality of machining. Through the ability for the operator to work with 2 turrets and 3 channels, turning with 3 contact tools simultaneously is made possible.

Through these features, it is possible to turn the desired shape of the part on the counter spindle while the same turret performs machining on the main head. Chiller cooling of the cooling lubricant, extended to the integrated motor for the driven tools and the turret, allows the driven tools to be able to work at 12000 rpm even for long periods.

The right mix of speed and power, combined with easy operation, allows this lathe to be able to perform significant stock removals from bar blanks while ensuring short lead times for component fabrication.

Technical Info

  • Name: CMZ TTL 66-66
  • X-Y-Z stroke: e.g. 300-400-500 mm
  • NC Type: Fanuc
  • Main Spindle Power: 35 Kw
  • Counter Spindle Power: 35 kw
  • Spindle Speed: 4,000 rpm
  • Counter Spindle Speed: 4,000 rpm
  • Motorized Speed: 12000 RPM
  • Max. machining diameter: Ø 66 mm
  • Max. turning tools: 24 PER TURRET

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