Turning Departments:

The division of the machine shop into 4 different departments turns out to be the best choice to optimize the production of parts within the turning shop.

Through this fragmentation, each department of the turning shop specializes in a specific machining operation according to the type of machinery used:

1) Moving headstocks (up to diam. 32 mm, minimum batch size 3,000 pieces).

2) Fixed heads (up to diam. 65 mm, minimum lot 500 pieces).

3) Multi-spindles (up to diam. 42 mm, minimum lot 10,000 pieces).

4) Turning-Finishing (Turning from stamped or blank up to diam. 180 mm, Hard Turning).

The organization of work

Thanks to this organization, it is possible to ensure the arrangement within the production department of several experienced managers, each with different skills. Their task is based on training, following and supervising the employees of a specific team through a process of instruction and shadowing so as to ensure the full ability to perform a given task independently.

This arrangement makes it possible to have at the service of the customer teams capable of carrying out even very complex work and a department head capable of following each production step, including through the use of the integrated ERP (enterprise resource planning) production and quality control system. This tool installed on board each machine has the task of assisting the operators in the various production processes through touch screens providing them with all the information they need to make a part.

This type of training and the use of the latest generation of machinery capable of following each production process make it possible to guarantee its employees the highest level of preparation for each specific task.

In addition, internal collaboration within the workshop is fostered by the different teams that comprise it, since through the participation and involvement of the entire department in a given project, each finished product results in an achievement for the entire team.

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