D25 within Primamec:

Within Primamec’s machine shop, the machine park has a vast amount of Citizen lathes, including a Cincom D25 acquired at the end of 2018, this company being one of the leaders in the world of lathe making for the quality of its machinery.

Primamec Plant Manager Roberto Soatti tells us what advantages this new lathe brings within the sliding headstock department, “This Citizen D25 Cincom is not the first of this series to become part of Primamec’s machine park, in fact we already have another one of these lathes in our sliding headstock department. Thanks to the cooperation of Primamec CEO Alessandro Lupi, we have decided to further expand the machine park, in order to guarantee an even more efficient service to our customers, providing us with the best machinery on the market. Thanks to the versatility and ease of use of the new D25, our operators are able to perform even very complex machining operations through simple steps, supported by an integrated HMI system in the 15” display that can provide control functionality through more intuitive operations than previous lathe models.

With the addition of the new Infinity Top loader incorporated into the new machine and the ERP system connected to every machine in the production department, Industry 4.0 is becoming an established reality within Primamec.

The new lathe was delivered at the end of December 2020 and immediately went into production. Already having an additional Cincom D25 at its disposal and having already served the shadowing period with Citizen technicians, the Primamec headstock department did not need to be trained to understand its use.

Through this new machinery, the lathe shop achieves a level of quality never reached before, capable of satisfying all kinds of needs and all kinds of requests, making us establish ourselves once again as a trusted partner for our customers.”

Types of Machining

A brand that produces quality, durable and versatile machines recognized throughout the world of turning, this is Citizen. The new Citizen Cincom D25, part of Primamec’s moving headstock department, has entered production.

The acquisition of this new lathe within the historic lathe shop in Bologna was a strategic choice to continue to improve service for its customers, ensure even more complex machining and increase the speed of part delivery.

D25 Cincom is speed and precision: thanks to the double tool post that allows the second tool post to be available, on this lathe it is possible to take care of the machining immediately following the one in progress, as well as having the possibility of mounting up to 59 tools capable of performing a wide variety of machining operations.

In addition, through the B axis for 5-axis simultaneous machining, it is made possible to easily handle even complex machining such as parts with curved surfaces.

With a view to optimizing production time, the independent double rack makes it possible to significantly decrease the time required to manufacture parts.

Technical information:

  • Name: Citizen Cincom D25.
  • NC type: Mitsubishi.
  • Axes: 10 + (C1 and C2).
  • Positioning Accuracy: e.g.0.005 mm/ 300mm.
  • Spindle speed: 10,000 rpm.
  • Rear spindle speed: 10,000 rpm.
  • Maximum machining diameter: Ø 25 mm
  • Max. turning tools: 59

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