The box and packaging: examples

Our work does not stop with the study and fabrication of parts, but also requires the design of other elements aimed at maintaining them, such as:

  • Box: in order to optimize the weight and cost of transporting the parts
  • Packaging: in order to prevent damage to the product during delivery through any

impacts or stresses.

These services offered by Primamec give complete protection to the parts ordered by the customer through a box and packaging designed by our team aimed at optimizing the weight as well as the cost of transportation and a guarantee aimed at ensuring that the products arrive at their destination without them being damaged or damaged during the shipping phase.

The short, as well as the long journeys, that batches of completed parts have to endure put their endurance to the test, and there is often a high probability that they may be compromised through the stresses they are subjected to if the right measures are not taken, making the workshop’s work and the transport of the material futile, thus triggering unpleasant dynamics for both supplier and customer.


Delays, new shipments, new arrangements-all these factors mean a substantial loss of time for both parties. Through our wide range of customizable services, we assure the customer that Primamec products can be shipped without any damage, focusing our interest and scope of study not only on the design and fabrication of the components, but also on the creation of the most suitable packaging and boxes for their maintenance.

The components we manufacture are small parts but of great value to our team, and their proper functioning also depends on the care with which they are handled, which is why we care so much about taking the best measures to safeguard the products so that there are no unpleasant surprises once they reach their destination.

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