One of the most important soft skills for Primamec personnel today is the ability to be adaptable. Without good adaptability and the ability to change one’s habits according to updates, new technologies and internal progress within the company, every novelty will be not a benefit but a hindrance for the entire production department.

The Primamec team is well aware that the concept of digitization of production processes allows the contribution employed by the human being in terms of quality and responsiveness in processing to be enhanced even more.

This is why Primamec has chosen to implement Prodware’s Mes Industry 4.0 I-Man.

Thanks to I-Man at our new Industry 4.0 MES, our entire team is provided with a digital assistant capable of entering into error-free production.

I-man Industry 4.0 means adaptability

The MES is a system that can interface with machinery through wireless touch screen terminals equipped with electronic boards and web-based software. Any information entered within I-Man is processed in real time by the central system and made immediately available to operators. Conversely, any change in the production schedule or technical documentation reaches the processors instantly.

The team in this way, with I-Man has the ability to: be informed about which machining operations to perform; enter data on the start, end and suspension of machining operations; perform quality checks and consult quality control charts; view drawings, equipment to be used and tools; transmit part-programs to CNCs; perform preventive maintenance; monitor machine parameters; manage traceability; and print labels.

In addition, with I-Man Supervisor, the production manager has total control of all machines.

How is this possible?

Through monitors placed in the production department and inside the warehouse that connect all the machines in a single screen and show: the progress, the components in production, the quantity to be produced and the quantity poured, the stopped machines and the causes, and any information related to the work in progress for each machine.

These innovative tools make it possible to trace the company’s productivity back to not only the unit time of production, but also the efficiency of information circulation among the company’s operators.

Industry 4.0 for Primamec means having all the most innovative and efficient tools available to better manage production, through technologies that can make the most of the work of each of the team members.

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