How can you customize your designs and optimize production costs?

Through a wide range of services offered these results can be guaranteed:

  • Co-design supported by engineers with years of experience thanks to which it is possible to discuss and make improvements to the initial design. Thanks to this factor achieving maximum efficiency of parts and reducing the cost of production is no longer unthinkable.
  • Industry 4.0 extended to the entire factory and digital control plans that allow for the perfect human-machine synergy. A state-of-the-art workshop with state-of-the-art machinery allows for flawless machining and significant reductions in the time required to manufacture components.
  • A network of selected suppliers in the area that can offer certified quality treatments and finishing processes at a competitive cost. Recognizing the quality of the raw material made available by suppliers is a key factor in ensuring perfect component fabrication. Primamec, thanks to several years of collaboration, has selected suppliers from its territory in the heart of the Motor Valley and Hydraulic District capable of guaranteeing a high quality standard at an advantageous price.
  • Quality and Certifications: production start, process and final checks traced to each batch, PPAP, ISIR, possibility of 100% optical inspection with automatic vision systems and laser marking of identification codes.

The advantages

These are the added values that a turnery must make available to its customer today. Strict controls and checks for each batch commissioned are indeed able to maintain a minimum margin of error, reducing the possibility of complications with the customer and thus delays on the order.

Satisfaction of these factors will ensure a high quality standard of parts produced by the machine shop. Again, keeping abreast of new technologies, tools and procedures to be optimized within the production process is imperative to achieve a high standard of quality and reduce the timeframe with which parts are manufactured.

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