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AltimetriCertifications and innovative processes make Primamec a true precision laboratory.

We have a Certified Quality System with a dedicated team and a metrology room equipped with the latest measuring machines and precision instruments to check and certify required tolerances:

– Roundness gauge
– Profilometer
– Vision system
– Roughness gauges
– Altimeters.

Our staff performs production start-up, process and final inspections for each batch produced. An additional visual inspection step is performed before packing.

Ability to perform:
– 100% optical inspection with automatic visone systems.
– Laser marking of identification codes.

Jenoptik Optical Instrument Homel

Statistical Process Control (SPC)

Marking Laser

Visual Inspection

We are able to provide the following documents

  • PPAPs / ISIR

  • Certificates of Materials and Treatments

  • Process Studies and Analysis of the Tools Used (MSA)

  • IMDS

  • SPC data

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