With this article we want to celebrate the strengthening of the partnership between Industrie Italo Saleri and Primamec. Even at such a complicated time due to the crisis triggered by the global pandemic, the two companies have been able to look to the future with optimism and foresight thanks to mutual trust and transparency.

Primamec faced a name change a few days ago, marking a significant step for the historic Bologna-based lathe company (formerly Torneria automatica Gianni Ricci srl), a step that encapsulates within itself the grit of this brand in wanting to fearlessly look to the future through new projects and new technologies to be used within its production.

Industrie Italo Saleri

Industrie Italo Saleri is a historic company in Brescia that is a leader in the design, development and production of water pumps and cooling systems for the automotive industry. Founded in 1942, over the years it has managed to form an important international industrial group, with branches in Munich and Shanghai.

In the photograph, we can see how Sourcing Director Luigi Belleri hands Primamec CEO Alessandro Lupi the “Saleri Supplier Value Chain Bond,” which Primamec has signed to continue the project of strengthening the partnership and continue the development of components related to electric water pumps intended for the latest generation of premium electric and hybrid vehicles.

Primamec, in fact, has been involved by Industrie Saleri Italo in the early stages of analysis of the new projects, supporting the fine-tuning of the shaft-building process, with the aim of winning the assignment of the component in question when the project goes live.

Alessandro Lupi believed in this project from the very beginning. Major reinforcement was applied to the company’s internal research and development department. Thanks to this important step taken by the Primamec CEO, it has proved possible to establish ourselves as a supplier of reference for this type of component in the automotive sector.


This is a clear example of what it means for @Primamec to be #GreatPartnerforSmallPart.


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